We Know You, Because We Are You!

“We know where you come from!! Because we are you”. And we can help you from start-up to windfall.

“Alberta” was named after our first employee whose name was Alberta. Unfortunately, we lost her to cancer and decided to dedicate our company in her memory.

Experience you can trust

Our journey started with owning and managing a small retail business. We shared the same hardships and issues as you at the start. So, we decided to tackle these challenges head on. Continue reading on our story…


Passion you can count on

Our decision to tackle the retailer’s challenge head on and offer retail management solutions that makes economical and business sense, resulted in Alberta.

We know you because we are you!!

Not just because we have been retailers ourselves but also because we speak your language, share your culture and core values.

Values that stands out

Friendship encompasses characteristics such as trust, transparency, loyalty, empathy, willingness to help and reliability.

We believe in building relationship with friendliness, trust and transparency.


While others offer you just the service, we offer complete solutions to streamline your retail business, because we understand your business/challenges and not just the market.

We invite you to become part of our journey, experience solutions the ‘ALBERTA WAY’!

Our focus

Close the gap between retailer’s challenges and the solutions

Our ambition

To make disruptive retail solutions affordable

Meet the team Leadership

Harpreet is an executive leader in the service industry performing dynamic roles to provide strategic directions in business scenario planning, product management and analytics. She is responsible for the commercial strategy and development of the organization. Her leadership includes pivotal decision-making in ambiguous situations, synthesis of complex customer/market insights into actionable priorities and redefine conventional wisdom.

She has held various positions including fortune 50 company, managing marketing strategy and execution of multibillion-dollar products through building innovative digital platforms, identifying business opportunities, generating actionable insights towards portfolio growth (incremental $100M).

In her own words “Let your character be your brand! …. Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you!” defines her perfectly.


While Maun brings retail experience and vision, Harpreet leads the path to achieving it with her experience, focused approach and knack for challenging the status quo.

  • Harpreet likes to travel and experience different cultures and cuisines.
  • She loves nature, hiking, biking, water rafting, zip lining and ATV rides.
  • She has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (the tallest in Africa) and Machu Picchu.
  • Serves as a business case assessor for undergraduate and graduate students on the Seton Hall School of Business panel.
  • Serves on the women’s leadership team at Seton Hall University to help mentor young women.


Chief commercial officer
Simran Kaur
Customer service lead

Simran has been working in the service industry for 15+ years and is very passionate about providing excellent customer service. She believes in adding value to experiences the customer undergoes through the processes of sales and after-sales. A positive attitude gets her through even the toughest of the situation. Loves being around nature & very passionate about photography.

Shyam Patel
Head of Agent Partnership Program Engagement

Shyam is a young entrepreneur who has a strong passion for business. Growing up in the retail industry, he has first-hand experience in all facets of retail business whether its navigating the way for new business owners or helping merchants grow. He strives to innovate the retail industry using technology to streamline the process for the retailers and their customers. He lives and drives business by “ You have to believe it before you see it.”

Ummehani Husain
Project manager

With over 8 years of diverse experience as a marketing specialist in financial services and technology industry, Ummehani has an impeccable & systematic approach towards work. Her emphasis on ‘need-based solutions’ promoting concept selling against product selling makes her a great asset to any team. An avid traveler who loves to explore new cultures & connect with people. Love for food takes her to roads unknown and reading is always on top of her agenda.

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