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Power to accept credit cards is essential to your business growth, therefore, we work to ensure seamless payment processing which includes next day funds availability. All our terminals are PCI Compliant and EMV Certified. Compatible with most POS systems*

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2.49 % +10 cents per transaction (swipe, dip or tap)


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We are so confident in our pricing and services that believe in no early termination fee.


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We understand the need to attend your queries urgently. Our customer service team is very dedicated and friendly and try their best to help you with any questions related to payment processing. They speak your language too!


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Security and fraud prevention is at the core of our business. We make sure all our terminals are EMV certified & PCI compliant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The average time from our receipt of your signed, completed application to your equipment delivery is 5 business days. This timeframe covers credit underwriting, account establishment, and shipping time. Equipment is sent by Fed-ex Ground, unless expedited shipment is requested (additional expenses may apply). Upon receipt of equipment, customer training is available immediately upon request and is typically completed in 30 minutes.
Check Credit checks and business underwriting are required by payment networks and are necessary to determine if the business and business owners are financially responsible.
Processing time is approximately 2-3 business days or less after all necessary application information is received. Once approved, we will notify you immediately and deliver your terminal equipment or software.
Once you receive your equipment and go through a brief telephone training process, you can activate your account and begin processing right away. Your equipment is typically received within 2 business days after account approval.
Funds are electronically deposited via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction into your designated bank deposit account, typically within 1 banking days.
Your designated bank account will be charged for all related fees before 3rd day of month following the activity, via an Automated Clearing House (ACH) transaction. The details of your charges will appear on your statement that would be received the first full business week of the month following the activity
  • Retail businesses can keep transaction costs to a minimum by taking steps to ensure they process "retail qualified" transactions. The "retail qualified rate" is the least expensive discount rate and in most cases it applies to a transaction in which you physically swipe the card and receive an electronic authorization for the transaction. In addition, for a transaction to be charged the "retail qualified rate" you must settle the transaction (electronically transmit the transaction for payment by the issuing bank) within 24 hours
  • Keep more face to face transaction
  • Avoid Key entry
  • If Possible, use Debit card as Pin Debit
  • Currently, Alberta offers next business day funding
  • Processing costs are higher for non-retail businesses where the purchases are made with the customer in the card-not-present environment, but you can keep the costs to a minimum by "batching" or depositing in a timely manner and providing any additional information required by Visa and MasterCard on each of your transactions. Required transaction data will vary based on business type and processing environment but includes things like invoice or PO number, street address, and ZIP code.
In many cases, you may be able to use the equipment you already own as long as the terminal equipment is PCI compliant.
We accept most retail, professional, trade show, mail order, telephone order, internet-based, and home-based businesses.
The incredibly vast majority of XYZ clients enjoy funds being posted to their account during the next business day. Depending on the payment network used, you can experience different “closing times,” meaning the deadline for submitting a batch of payments for processing.
Absolutely! All Alberta payments clients have a secure online log-in they can use to view their credit card processing statements any time they want.
PCI DSS standards exist to protect the security of your customers’ credit card data. These requirements are essential. If you ignore them, and your data is hacked or otherwise compromised, you face financial penalties that can put you out of business. So, PCI compliance is a “must” for all merchants.
We can assist you in being PCI Compliant. For more details, please contact our customer support team at 888-502-6650
Yes, you really do. Unless you want to be liable for chargebacks or fraud committed by unscrupulous shoppers. It’s not hard to convert. And it’s not expensive.
Essentially, it’s because the verification process has to do more and send more data than when you would swipe a mag-stripe card. To combat card-counterfeiting, during each transaction a new CVV1 code is generated. It takes time for that code to be generated and uploaded to the chip.
Yes. Our Acquirer provides all merchant service customers with a data breach insurance policy that can protect you from financial losses due to your customers’ financial information being hacked.
Absolutely! All our equipment enables you to accept contactless, chip/EMV, and mag stripe cards.
A chargeback is when a consumer is unable to settle a return/refund of a credit card transaction with the merchant directly and contacts their credit card issuer to dispute the sale.
  • A cardholder may dispute a transaction for a number of reasons such as a billing error, non-receipt of goods/services, fraud, goods/services not as described, etc. MasterCard, VISA, and Discover cardholders have 180 days (6 months) from transaction date.
  • The credit card issuer along with the processor will act as a mediator in resolving the dispute. Once a chargeback is issued, funds are immediately debited from the merchant’s bank account and are temporarily held by the processors acquiring bank in a reserved account while an investigation is underway.
  • The merchant is then notified and is given the opportunity to provide an explanation and any additional support backing their claim. A resolution can take up to 30 days. A retrieval request is an inquiry by a consumer’s issuing bank for specified information pertaining to a transaction made to a merchant. Unlike chargebacks, funds are not debited once a request is initiated. However, failing to fulfill a retrieval request will result into the request converting into chargeback.
Review your records and locate any documentation related to the charge. You may know the customer and can try to resolve the dispute directly as it could possibly be a misunderstanding. If so, try contacting them. You will receive a notification via fax or mail including all information pertaining to the transaction, including a case number which must be included in your response. Your response should be as detailed as possible. If further assistance is needed, please call our customer service line. First Data’s chargeback departments can also be reached for the most up to date status updates made on cases.
A chargeback penalty fee is incurred to the merchant for each incoming chargeback even if a chargeback is decided in favor of the merchant. Excessive incoming chargebacks also count against your threshold which in turn can become a deciding factor to all credit processing providers to service your business.
  • Suggest merchants to keep track of all sales receipts for 6 months and any terms and conditions they may require their customers/clients to sign at the time of purchase up to a year.
  • Avoid using swipe technology or keyed in transaction (use chip enabled technology)
  • Question unusual spend as it may trigger fraud
  • For individual sales over $1,000, obtain an imprint of credit card used
  • Be on the alert when customers buy large quantity and don’t question pricing
  • For delivered goods, we recommend shipments be made to billing address used in transaction. We also suggest including a signature receipt when received.
  • When you see unusual amount of transaction, use address verification system (AVS) to run the card. If the person does not supply matching address, card will not go through, therefore, it will avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • In the event of suspicious activity, verify with the cardholder’s issuing bank of any fraudulent activities on the card prior to servicing or provide goods to customer. If cardholder cannot be verified and transaction has already processed, issue refund right away.
  • When sales person tells you that he/his company can reduce your charges or save you money; ask how and make him/her provide detail analysis and a walk through the sample statement. Ask how the fees will be listed in the statement:
  • Example Interchange rate, assessment fee, access fee, transaction fee and basis point

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