Food Ordering at your Fingertips

Alberta’s food ordering kiosk is the most economical & reliable technology in the market. The kiosk helps you control cost, improves order accuracy and reduces time taken to check out by taking customer orders to eliminate traditional processes and human error.

Our kiosk has proven to increase sales up to 15% by reducing walk-away’s from the line, and increase single order processing speed.

Increases sales

Alberta Food Ordering Kiosk has proven to increase sales up to 15% by increasing single order processing speed and reducing walk-away’s from the line.

Centralized Menu boards

The centrally managed menu board helps update the inventory, pricing and special offers from anywhere using our cloud-based technology. The better control on your system helps in accurately updating the kitchen operations about new order on real-time basis

Marketing Platform

Upsell your products by prompting customers to avail offer based on the order placed by the customer. The digital signage can be used to highlight ‘deal of the day’ or ‘on-going promotions’. This gives customer an opportunity to explore more products and increases their time spent shopping at the store.

Reduces operational cost

The self-ordering kiosk helps in saving human hours and improves order accuracy. The self-ordering kiosk also gives customer’s freedom to order themselves on this intuitive technology

Improve customer service

Food ordering kiosk helps increase customer satisfaction by providing accurate and quick service on the order. This encourages to be a regular visitor at your store and also provide positive feedback.

Menu Management

Our food ordering kiosk is designed to handle complex and combo menus. It is much quicker to change the pricing, items and offers on the menu using our cloud based technology which helps you access your menu from anywhere, anytime.

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