Game Changers in the Liquor Industry

Maintaining inventory is the difference between success and failure for liquor stores.

Orange is the New Snack

Blog - Orange is the New Snack

With COVID fear in mind, people have become more health conscious and concerned with boosting immune system and oranges are playing their part.

Unmasking the MASK Policy

happy asian male shopkeeper

While threats and assaults can happen anywhere, they’re more likely to occur in retail, services and other customer-based businesses. 

Keeping the Health of Customers & Workers in Check

Woman doctor showing negative Covid-19 rapid test wearing green

This is the first antigen test where results can be read directly from the testing card. This simple design is fast and efficient for healthcare providers and patients and does not need the use of an analyzer. 

Doing Your Part to Combat COVID-19


The novel coronavirus has changed people’s lives in ways few thought possible. Here is what you can do to take steps to be prepared!

Getting Customer Hooked and Booked!

Customer loyalty pays off big time. A 5% improvement in customer retention rates yields a 25% to 100% increase in profits across industries.